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PHOMI, is the global leader & inventor of MC (Modified Clay) technology, which has been adopted as the National Industry Standard for MCM material, Our company's vision is to provide more Green & sustainable eco-products beneficial to the society.
With a current total of 80 European, US & China PCT patents, PHOMI is supported by the People's Republic of China National Innovation Investment Fund, and has been enlisted as one of the High Impact Projects under the China Torch Program. With International ISO14001 Environmental Management System and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certifications, all our products are also validated passed with European CE, U.S Green Guard and Singapore Green Label (Green products) certifications.
PHOMI has established MC Material Exhibition Center in over 30 countries worldwide, contributing to rapid growth in international demands for our products. Coupled with the local Regional Operation Centers at more than 100 cities in China, PHOMI is currently supplying more than 300 varieties of products that is set to increase in tandem with the increasing overall global market demands.
PHOMI is committed to protecting the environment and all our manufacturing facilities and process are “Zero-Pollution”to achieve perfect harmony between the industry, people, society and the environment.
OUR HISTORYChina modified clay woodflooring

HAA Hardener

L2035 Matting Hardener
Provide gloss range 2-10%
L2035 is used for hybrid powder matting. Each L2035 will react with 2.4 epoxy. It can provide gloss range 2-10% with excellent leveling, delicate surface, good mechanical properties, better gloss stability and powder storage stability.
1. Technical parameters
2. Product characteristics
L2035 can be used in 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 type hybrid powder coatings(mainly in 50/50 system). Each L2035 will react with 2.4 epoxy.  
● Surface is very smooth and delicate, non-yellowing.
● Wide selectivity to 50:50 type polyester, most 50:50 polyesters are able to achieve a good matting effect.
●Curing condition 190℃×15min
3. Use method
4%-5% by weight of total formula. Each L2035 will react with 2.4 epoxy.
Staring formulation:
Polyester 50/5022----
Polyester 60/40--26--
Polyester 70/30----30
L88 leveling agent111
L701 gloss enhancer111
L306 Benzoin0.50.50.5
2035 Matting Hardener 5 5 5
Low extruding temperature, fast feeding speed will help to get good matting results.  
Curing condition: 180° C/20min or190° C/15min
4. Attention
The storage stability of L2035 is stable.  Please still pay attention for the finish powder’s storage stability in hot weather; try to consume the finish powder ASAP. HAA Hardener
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